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Originally Posted by Maui19 View Post
I have tried a couple setups:

1. Klip Natural Gut 16 w/ WC Silverstring 17
2. Klip w/MSV Hepta-Twist 17
3. Pacific Classic Natural Gut 16 w/MSV Hepta-Twist 17

Number 3 is now my permanent setup. I liked the way the Klip played, but didn't like the way it frayed so much. The Pacific doesn't fray and lasts longer. All three setups played well, but the MSV does produce more spin. I was worried about durability with the shaped Hepta-Twist, but surprisingly it lasted longer than the Silverstring. I think this is due to the fact that it has less contact surface area with the cross strings due to its shape. I believe this is the reason the Hepta-Twist produces such good (low) friction scores in the TW testing.

There are a lot of great strings out there.
Maui, I wish I could get some Pacific gut to try, but the webstore I usually buy from doesn't sell it.

You could try Pacific Gut/WC SS, to check if your theory about MSV's shaped profile really gives a better durability or not. Maybe you're right, and all of us thinking that round polys are better are actually wrong.

I also found out that gut/poly setups are very tension sensitive.

The racquets strung at 53/50 and 52/49 last a lot longer than the ones strung at 55/52 and 56/53. I had three racquets strung at the last two tension setups and they didn't last longer than 1h30 each. That was quite frustrating.
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