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Originally Posted by JT_2eighty View Post
Do the Melbourne or any of the new Organix line compare to the BB11SE in terms of stability, plow, and overall feel?

The BB11SE was/is a marvelous frame, everything about from serves to half-volleys to backhand slices are incredible. Your descriptions of Melbourne and OX10 sound great, how do they compare to BB11SE?

When you add as much lead tape as the BB11 SE had, you just cannot compare plow thru. Hominator posted my PB 10 Mids on the Organix thread, which weigh in at 395 grams. Its plow thru/stability is better than the BB11 SE, not only because of the weight, but its smaller head size. Weight, has a huge bearing on SW.

With that being said, I have also mentioned many times, that nano carbon--yes, the same material that is used in our fighters--the BEST in the world--for all you GIMMICKTARDS who believe that nano carbon is a gimmick and no better than standard graphite--does a lot more with a lot less, and can replace a lot of lead tape, providing for the same resistance to the ball and potential for greater racquet head acceleration.

The Melbourne really is great and very solid when hitting standard half-volleys, and the response at net is very firm and solid. The X10 is the same, but I would describe it not as "solid", but as "crisp and precise". They both allow for great spin potential and react very well with faster racquet head speeds. The Melbourne cups the ball better, but the X10 bites the ball better, with a string bed feel that I have never felt before. As far as ball response, the ball moves off the X10 as quick as it did with the BB11 SE, but with far more control--which is why I was never enamored with the BB11s--and does not feel as disconnected with the cushioning. You feel everything that the stick does, but with ZERO vibration. The Melbourne gives you a lot of feel, like the London, with a lot of plow thru. Anyone who has used a stick with fully capped grommets will recognize this feel. It is also the closest stick in both lines to a traditional graphite frame, whereas the X10, is the farthest from a traditional frame.
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