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Originally Posted by sphinx780 View Post
Hey TM-

If I recall correctly, you weren't a huge fan of the BB11 MP and now that you've hit the Melbourne a few times I'd be interested in a basic comparison between the two when you have time.

Basically, I was a Wilson through my college years, then tried the DNX 10MP and fell in love with the control and feel after getting back into the game. Once I found my stride, I wanted a little more pop without losing that feel and with the BB11's balance point (I definitely like a less headlight balance) combined with a little more power, it really fits my game. But, I'm going to have to upgrade eventually and the Melbourne has me curious much more so than the legend ever did. I finally ran through a few hits with the legend and love the solid feel on contact but it is a bit clunky in the swing where the BB11 feels smooth whipping through the contact zone.

It could just be cabin fever that has me intrigued but I'd appreciate your insights.
The best way to answer your question is to first state that you are correct, the Legend is clunky, and I have mentioned that in other threads. I had them modified for a 6.0 player, bumping it up to 365 grams to better balance it. To let you understand how much of an improvement that the Legend is, the same player, after switching to the London from the Legend, is switching back to the upgraded Melbourne, and using ONLY 1 gram of lead on the bridge, with an Agassi rubber band dampener--the Melbourne does play better with the 3.3 gram BB vibration dampener. That is a substantial difference from a player who used a 375 gram DNX 10 MP, to a 365 gram Legend, down to a 350 gram London, and now, to a basically stock Melbourne. That speaks to the stiffness-strength to weight ratio of DC and structural design of the frame. Personally, as I stated in the X10 325 vs PB 10 Mid thread, I could play with the larger X10, and I would also state that I could play with the larger Melbourne.
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