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Unequal kevlar grip is pretty good at absorbing shock, but Unequal needs to make some improvements if they want to attract tennis players to buy their stuff.

Problem #1: Installation. Kevlar has no stretch in it whatsoever, which makes it impossible to wrap it around the butt cap in a neat way. Basically you will have an awkwardly-wrapped replacement grip that you'll need to cover up with a layer or two of overgrips. The other choice is to go with their slip-on version, but you'd have to take the butt cap off and use glue for installation, and the only way to take it off later is to cut it out.

Problem #2: Weight. Unequal's maximum shock absorption grip will add 1.5 oz and the medium version will add 1.2 oz to your racquet. This is significant, since most replacement grips only weigh 0.4 to 0.6 oz.

Problem #3: Cost. Anybody want to pay $20 a grip? Their shipping charge is quite significant as well. I believe you need to spend $100 to qualify for free shipping.

Problem #4: Length. These grips are simply not long enough. You have an extended racquet? Forget about it. The medium versions are barely long enough for standard-length racquets, but the max version is too short. Last time I called, they said their next order from the factory would be longer. But it remains to be seen whether they have corrected that.

Problem #5: Thickness. These grips will add anywhere from 1/2 to 1 size to your grip, possibly even more.

Well, one good thing about Kevlar grips is that they do reduce some shock and are completely re-usable (all you need is some double-sided tape) and they seem to last forever. Since they are not cushiony to begin with, they do not become thinner or diminish in their shock-absorbing capacity with age.

I am currently testing Wilson Shock Shield. Unfortunately, between rain and busy schedule, I have not been able to test it out much. But I will say this much. The installation is easy, and it looks perfect on the handle. It is also very long, long enough for any longbody racquet. Depending on where you trim this, it weighs anywhere from 0.7 to 0.8 oz. As for performance, I will have to report back later.

If anyone wants to try a Gosen Sorbothane grip or an Unequal Kevlar grip, feel free to contact me. I have spares.

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