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Just noticed this thread after I started another just above.
"Recently got 2 Babolat 112 Aero's with Babolat VS Natural gut 16 mains and RPM Blast 17 in cross in one and Volkl V-fuse in second. Really love the VS/RPM Blast set up best but....after about 20 hours of heavy spin hitting balls are starting sail long and having a lot of trouble controlling power.

Kick was great but fading a little. Thinking of switching to the VS gut 16 in crosses at 58 and RPM Blast 17 in Mains at 60.

Goal is to increase spin and control and lower the power while maintaining the comfort and also get some duration out of it....hoepfully a couple of months (I play 4 times per week at level 3 but pretty heavy spin hitter). My current set up is holding up real well after about 4 weeks (although the V-fuse is starting to show some pretty serious wear.

Looking for feedback on thoughts regarding spin, control, power and durability." and also what tensions would you suggest. (Just a side note to the setup Im using, I NEVER have to adjust my strings...they always return...may be function of low coefficient of friction.)
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