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Originally Posted by stringertom View Post
I too will join the club with these comments:
1. I first used a gutM/polyX two years ago out of curiousity thanks to a Swiss dude with 16 majors. I tried the Fed setup side by side with the pre-packaged VS/PHT hybrid. Hands down winner was the Fed.
2. I lucked into discovering Signum Pro Tornado last year and now have almost all my poly players using it, so much so that I hate cutting off of the stock reel for my own racquets. Ergo, my promise to string up my next stick with the Hyperion as X's and let you know if a smooth poly X works out better than the heptagonal textured Tornado. Should have feedback in less than two weeks. I will say I believe the texture helps the gut retain tension a little better as proven in the disappointing tests I've had with RPM and PHT, both of which are marshmellow soft after 10 hours play. ALU Rough and especially Tornado lock in on the tension after the first day and play well into 20-30 hour range. After that, if it ain't broke it's gonna break your arm or your game as it is time to cut it out.
3. I love Bow Brand gut. So clean and clear vs. all the rest. It now only comes in 20' lengths (sold 2 to a pack in case you go all-gut). US price is $34 so that is a plus too.
Will string up the Hyperion and report back soon.
Dude, you got me wanting to try ALU rough as a cross now. ty
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