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100 miles per hour is not a big serve? I know it's not big on the tour, but isn't it in other places?

A mall in the Minneapolis area had a fast serve contest. Anyone could serve, no fee, they just time your serve with a radar gun. Few could go over 100 mph, I saw a guy who worked in a pro shop go over 130 mph, but they didn't have to be placed, it was only about speed.

They listed the fastest serve by gender, and the fastest female serve was in the 80s. So no female went as fast as 90 mph or 100 mph. Myself, I can only hit it 80 mph, with is pretty sorry, but I'm not that different from many weekend players. Have these speeds been verified with a radar gun, or do folks just figure that if pros can generate 130, then they MUST be at least 100?
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