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Originally Posted by sphinx780 View Post
Hey TM-

If I recall correctly, you weren't a huge fan of the BB11 MP and now that you've hit the Melbourne a few times I'd be interested in a basic comparison between the two when you have time.

Basically, I was a Wilson through my college years, then tried the DNX 10MP and fell in love with the control and feel after getting back into the game. Once I found my stride, I wanted a little more pop without losing that feel and with the BB11's balance point (I definitely like a less headlight balance) combined with a little more power, it really fits my game. But, I'm going to have to upgrade eventually and the Melbourne has me curious much more so than the legend ever did. I finally ran through a few hits with the legend and love the solid feel on contact but it is a bit clunky in the swing where the BB11 feels smooth whipping through the contact zone.

It could just be cabin fever that has me intrigued but I'd appreciate your insights.
I too play with the BB 11 Mp after trying many players frames including the Legend, London, and PB 10 MP. I think its by far the best of the bunch and I string it at 58 pounds with full gut. I'm a former 5.0 college player who now plays to a 4.5 and I was wondering if you have always strung your BB 11 at a lower tension?
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