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Originally Posted by Steady Eddy View Post
There's some good news about a 60 mph serve, though. A 60 mph serve travels at about 90 feet per second, since the service line is 60 feet away, it gets there in 2/3 of a second. That means your ball drops vertically over 7 feet! You can get your serve in without spin, and still have a comfortable margin for error. Don't hit your second serve any softer, that just complicates things with new trajectories to figure out. Learn to place it near each side of the service court and you'll be able to keep many players off balance on your serve.

Like you pointed out, Ken Rosewall didn't have a monster serve. And he was one of the all time greats. With good placement and consistency, a 60 mph serve can be plenty effective in 3.5 tennis, IMO.
I think I do. I am not sure. But I use spin more than flat serves, so it's more like a 40 mph serve I think. I dunno, haven't measured.
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