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Is it like a squeezing feeling you're getting? A number of people (me included) had that problem with the 2.3's, and some have said they had similar problems with the new 3.3's. For me, it felt as if the shoes were narrow in the midfoot, with the pain worst on the outside, just like yours. However, this was something I felt in basically all my shoes - it was worst in the Vapor VI's, and as those are very narrow, I assume it is a width issue. I do have very wide feet, and unless I laced my 2.3's very loose they would hurt like crazy. As in I could hardly walk afterwards the pain was so bad. Now I only wear the Lunar vapors and the B2K10's, as they seem to be the widest fitting of the Nikes, as the Barricades felt narrow as well. I do want to try the 3.3's, as the durability on 2K10's and Vapors is MonoFed bad, but don't want to waste the money if the fit is narrow.
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