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Originally Posted by AlwaysImproving View Post
I fit fine in Barricade IIs. For some reason these are getting me. I think what happens is either the width of the shoe as designed is slightly narrower than medium, or when you string the shoe, the tongueless design makes the entire shoe more narrow. Mind you, I am right in the mid-range of width--10.5 inches length, 4 inches width--so my feet should fit nicely in a medium-width shoe.

There's a spot right on the side of my left foot, medial, that is very sore. Did not happen with the right foot....

I looked at the Lunar Vapors and the 2ks. Maybe will check those out.
I want these to work though because I don't have an infinite budget on shoes.
Yeah, the main reason I haven't tried the 3.3s yet is because I'm waiting for the price to come down. You can get the 2K10s at really good prices now, which is why I wasn't so concerned with durability, and the same with the Vapors. I used to notice that one foot would be worse than the other in terms of pain, but both would still be hurting. Although I suspect it was probably because one shoe was laced tighter than the other.
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