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Volkl Cyclone 17g

Stringing: An interesting feeling string in the hand. It doesn't feel like any other black poly, and although it's a geared string, you can't really tell. Stringing Blue Gear is only annoying because it's very stiff. I would say that this string is about as stiff as Genesis SpinX (albeit with less kinking) or Black Magic (albeit while still being able to feel the texture). In the crosses, however, it reminded me why I don't like full poly. Now, I string full poly incredibly often for my customers. I've yet to even use Cyclone and it reminded me almost exactly of the first time I strung Babolat PHT. It's just annoying. It's not supple enough for me to weave at a constant speed across the stringbed like other polys i.e. Silverstring, Scorpion, Spiky Shark, Mosquito Bite, Pro Red Code. It doesn't kink or have bad coil memory, but it just feels incredibly plasticky which makes it more difficult for me. Now, keep in mind I do not push or pull weave. I use a modified sewing motion where I pass the string between my hands above and below the stringbed (hands are too sweaty and I can still string a racquet in 25 minutes on average, so not a disadvantage), so having a supple string makes it much either. I can only imagine that pushing or pulling the cross string would be tough since you're pulling across a geared string. We'll see how it goes, but I've woven polys that are easier than some multis (Scorpion, B5E, Pro Line 2, Big Ace Micro). Strung 53/53, no prestretch of any form.

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