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Excellent post as usual Datacipher! Unbelievably i just fell across a story on this match in an old tennis mag i recently won on ****, with 39 others of course

Ok, now to add to your excellent story. For starters Braasch had played golf that morning, had a couple of beers and inhaled half a pack of ciggies. He also very definitely served at 50%.

Clisters said out here recently that she struggles to win a point of Hewitt, let alone a game. From memory Evert-Lloyd had a brother who played low level college tennis or the like and said she wouldn't even be able to beat him (Back near her prime this was) We recently had a small satellite tourney here and none of the girls would have got more than a game or two off local Dale Houston, who is now 43 but took a set of Wilander back in the 80's in the year he beat Curren to win the Aussie open.
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