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Originally Posted by datsveryinterestin View Post
got my new RDIS200s in the mail today. woot.
i bought epoxy and balsa wood to possibly make them 27.5" long
but dunno if i can do it to them. especially since i have no proof
that it will make me even .0001% better. it might make my backhand
5% better but everthing else 5% worse.
hrmm. better leave it alone for now.
Just find a couple old Rd-Ti 50 longs, similar weight and flex. A little more HL than a 200. But should give you a pretty close feel to the 200 with the extra length to see if you even want to extend them.

I can get the one I lent to my friend back. He never uses it anyway. I think its 4 1/2 grip size. Just lemme know man.
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