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well, once i get an idea in my head, i can't stop from doing it no matter how many people tell me not to do it.

i almost impaled myself several times just trying to remove the staples.
cut the balsa wood to size.
glued them together.
stuck them in the cap.
tried to epoxy them to the handle.
but the handle only had 1/4 inch or less to hook onto....
wrapped some grip tape around the handle/cap junction
and crossing fingers.
i have no confidence that it will hold up.
i plan on choking up the 1/2 inch on forehands and only using the extra length for 1st serves and backhands. so hopefully any increased swingweight will not be too noticeable.

rdis200 - backhands feel awesome with it and i liked the flexy feel on forehands. if i wasnt careful, it would fly on me, so i plan on stringing them with Lux Original closer to 60 than 56 (like i did on the demo). volleys were pretty bad with the 200... too flexy for me. but i stink at volleys anyway. 1st serves felt 90% of the RDIS100mp which i loved, but still have to work on better 2nd serves.

my tennis enthusiast friend said that i played better with the igSpeed, and if they were cheaper (and i had seen the goofy novak commercials beforehand) i would just get them. but for some reason i kept using the rdis200 during the demo period so somehow i connected with it and after a few horrible games, i actually started to play some decent points with it.

so the 1/2 inch extension was probably dumb and probably won't even hold... but hopefully this 5 minute epoxy really can handle the ukranian twisted wrister style of hitting. wish me luck!

anybody have a staple gun and good staples for racquet? that would make me feel 5% more confident!

my wrist was really painful for a week, but a week of wrapping it up and not playing seems to have healed it up. still nervous about hitting with it though.
guess i'll just go to wall and practice a little more each day.
another reason i got the rdis was that it felt like i was able to just use a SW grip and hit the ball "normally". whenever i get a Head racquet, i end up going crazy western and my forehand gets 3 extra hitches in my swing. hopefully i can re-learn how to hit a clean ball with less backswing and a less xXxtreme grip!

VAMOS TODO LOCO AMIGOS!!!!!! (D- in spanish.. sorry)
thanks for the help and kind words twmac.. i pour out some fermented beet juice for all my talktennis homies!
go epoxy go! please be stronger than steel!
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