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got 1 RDIS200 strung w/ BBO at 58.5M/57.5X
should be just over 12oz strung w/ overgrip.

gonna slap an overgrip on it and let it be for the day.
p.s. - dunno about summer humidity, but right now i really like Gamma Supreme. try it out if you haven't already!

p-man: i tried 2 awls, pliers, screwdriver, wirecutters, etc to get the staples out. eventually had to use a drill to make small holes to make room for an awl.
even then it was still a pain. but what a JOY it was when i finally yanked each staple out!

hw, i used loctite epoxy 3200psi supposedly. hopefully i used enough and didn't EFF this up!

swung it around the living room. yup, by the feel of it, i'm prolly goin pro now! pretty sure my inside-out forehand is going to be 9.0 ukraine tennis/buffet combined rating. (it doesn't get much higher than that, i think?)

the 200 paint is definitely not as great as the ferrari 100. but it has a classic look to me that will look nice when i am drinking a glass of Scotch and listening to Sinatra. definitely needs the YY stencil in red though!
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