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Originally Posted by datsveryinterestin View Post
got 1 RDIS200 strung w/ BBO at 58.5M/57.5X
should be just over 12oz strung w/ overgrip.

gonna slap an overgrip on it and let it be for the day.
p.s. - dunno about summer humidity, but right now i really like Gamma Supreme. try it out if you haven't already!

p-man: i tried 2 awls, pliers, screwdriver, wirecutters, etc to get the staples out. eventually had to use a drill to make small holes to make room for an awl.
even then it was still a pain. but what a JOY it was when i finally yanked each staple out!

hw, i used loctite epoxy 3200psi supposedly. hopefully i used enough and didn't EFF this up!

swung it around the living room. yup, by the feel of it, i'm prolly goin pro now! pretty sure my inside-out forehand is going to be 9.0 ukraine tennis/buffet combined rating. (it doesn't get much higher than that, i think?)

the 200 paint is definitely not as great as the ferrari 100. but it has a classic look to me that will look nice when i am drinking a glass of Scotch and listening to Sinatra. definitely needs the YY stencil in red though!
You know, you lost me at all the technical specifications, but when you started talking about racquets having pretty colors (and scotch and sinatra), I could relate. Is it bad that I love the way the Prestige Pro looks? Or is this something attributable to the fact that I bring some estrogen to the table in this forum?
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