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Originally Posted by sennoc View Post
I'm a malicious person.

I took the only match recording I have and choose some serves from two games from a single set (similar point of view to the recording above). The recording was not intended to be published. So, a recreational match, average serves during a long process of hard modifications of serve sequence.

LeeD rated me as 3.0 player.

Could you compare both vids and rate him?
Give it a rest. Everyone has some vendetta against harsh raters on this site. Guess what? It doesn't matter what they rate you. If the computer and your results say otherwise, let them eat crow.

If you really want to compare the two vids, then what are you really looking for people to say? Your serve certainly isn't bad. Neither is LeeD's. I don't think you hit the ball any harder than him, or have some kind of ridiculous kick or anything. It's just a good serve.
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