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^Yeah it's hard to track the ball. It sounds nice though but that's what you get playing indoors.
You can download full version of my movie and watch it frame by frame. There are small clouds at places where the ball hit the ground, so you can see my placement - when I do not care about it because I work on huge modifications in my serve sequence. So, basically, this is how my serve does look like when it doesn't work.

It's not about vendetta, guys. I know how I play. I also know that 3.0-5.0 players are unable to see many important details in strokes. So, I do not care about LeeD's rating, it's sufficient that all my tennis friends laugh when I say I'm 3.0. It's legendary here - and this is my "vendetta"

It's about validaty. If you read someone's opinion, you have to know, does he know anything about the game or not. Now I see that LeeD knows something about the game. He looks like a decent amateur player, but it seems that his knowledge is based on pure experience. In my opinion, this is not the best kind of knowledge. Without deep understanding amateur player will be 4.0 at best, after spending a lot of money on trainers. I have never had any tennis lesson. I do not copy pro's technique. I use my knowledge to build models, to optimize them and then I compare results with the best players like Federer. So, it's a totally different kind of knowledge about tennis technique than typical LeeD's advice "you are 3.0, you have to remember that one player will prefer this and the other player will prefer that, choose what's the best for you".

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