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Originally Posted by sennoc View Post
Ajtat411, you do not understand. I do not care about ratings here. But things go serious when a player rates someone as 3.0, writes 10000 advices on the forum and then publish a video where his serves are slower (than mine VERY AVERAGE serves from a VERY RECREATIONAL match), balls are out and placement and angles are quite typical (for a player who wants to show his placement).

All these things mean that LeeD's advices are worth... less than you think they are.

I agree that people that are not qualified should not teach, but this is the internet. People are asking for free advice and so you get what you pay for. Sometimes advice is crappy and sometimes you can actually use it. With advice being free, you have to be able to translate that information into your game if you are looking for improvements for free.

If you post videos and someone posts an opinion, it doesn't mean everyone agrees that it is true. It just an opinion. Does LeeD's advice make him less credible because of a video? Maybe, maybe not. For me it depends on what type of advice he is giving and if it makes sense. For me, no matter who gives the advice, 2.0-7.0, if it makes sense and I agree, then I will give it a try and see what happens because I want to improvement my game...for free. If I decide to pay someone to coach me, they better well have a USPTR certification or similar. Just my $0.02.
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