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WeissCANNON Turbotwist 1.18 / PerforMAXX WhisperTouch

Stringing: For all of these reviews with gut crosses, I'll just focus on the poly. The Turbotwist was actually the easiest to string up in the mains by far. It had little to no coil memory, and even though it was on a reel, that is still an issue for some strings (as I'll discuss later). Nonetheless, TT has an interesting greasy coating to it which I'm not sure about. I'm not sure if it's there to give more spin, or is just a byproduct of the manufacturing. Either way, it's annoying to have that grease on your hands when you're about to string up gut. I purposely used the coated gut with this string for that reason. All in all, an easy poly to string. Having played a fullbed (but at a high tension which ruined the string), I can tell you that it's not too difficult to weave in the crosses either. Strung 53/55, 10% machine prestretch on gut.

Groundstrokes: Did someone say power? This string simply has HUGE pop to it. I mean, I'm using all of these strings with gut crosses to increase the feel, but some just don't have a lot of oomph. No problem here. However, there is a caveat. If you do not use a modern topspin stroke, then this is not the string for you. You need to be able to generate spin yourself for this to be of any use to you. On the forehand wing, this string was easily the best of all the ones that I tried. I hit my FH with a lot of topspin, and even I could see my shots kicking off the court. My coach even said that (not having told him that the white string isn't Scorpion) my shots were coming back incredibly heavy. On the BH side, however, I don't use as much spin for my normal shots. There is still an above average amount, but the shots come in closer to the top of the net. My BH is, ironically, my more consistent stroke, so the increase in power off this wing was unnecessary and made passing shots harder (without question my absolute favorite shot is a 1HBH passing shot). Overall: 9/10

Serves: This is a great string for big servers because of the power that it produces. Even though my serve is messy at the moment while trying to solidify my new motion, first and second serves were still laughably easy to get pace on. This is really useful on second serves because the string creates quite a lot of spin, so having that extra power gives you a deadlier shot. Be warned: if you do NOT have a spin second serve, you will be DF'ing long quite often. If you do, however, you'll love it. Overall: 9/10

Volleys: Yikes. Not the area for this string. When you're at the net, you don't need huge power or huge spin. What you need is a great amount of feel to be able to hit touch shots. While slices from the baseline come in fast and low, pretty much every volley ever hit is either flat or with backspin. That's a problem when you're up past the service line. You will be putting a lot of volleys wide or deep simply because you don't expect the return shot to have so much pace. Unlike other WC strings, you don't get much feedback either. If I were a doubles player, I wouldn't even consider this offering. Overall: 7/10

Very good. Gut shows minimal fraying in the center of the stringbed. Far less fraying than any string thus far which I attribute to it having a very slippery coating allowing it not to shave the gut down. In this gauge, if you hit with a lot of spin, I'd guess your crosses will break first. However, if you hit flat, this is a very thin string, so notching is a very real possibility. No signs whatsoever of the string going dead, and the stringbed feel is entirely linear. Very average for pretty much flawless. Overall: 9.5/10

It's hard to be disappointed with this string because it does exactly what it advertises: great power and great spin. With that in mind, you MUST have a modern stroke. If you don't hit with much spin, stay away because this string will not make it for you. However, much like Tour Bite, it is ideal for baseliners who want to dictate the point using deep, heavy balls from both wings. Stay away from the net if you can, but if you can't, you better whip the snot out of your approach shot to make sure it doesn't fly long on you. Overall, a good offering, but it gets a 4th place for WC with my ranking going Scorpion, B5E, Silverstring, and then Turbotwist. It's worth a try, however.

Overall: 8.5/10

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