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Just to chime in on the pitcher/server comparison. The serve is something different. I can't throw a ball very hard compared to a good pitcher, but I have hit serves close to 120mph.
True - but has anyone gone over the pitching motion with you? Have you learned to use the rubber? Did someone show you how to use your leg drive? These kind of things could quickly add alot to your best pitch.

If you have a big time serve - someone could work with your pitching technique and quickly add alot of MPH to your fastball.

Perhaps both are very technique dependent, but I've found that seemingly small tweaks in timing and motion can have a big impact on serve speed. Some days I was having trouble reaching 100mph and other days I could hit 110mph easily.
Both are technique dependent - but its the throwing motion that the real basic of both actions - hence the crossover. Its not instant but it would still be dramatic.

If Tim Lincecum picked up tennis (he probably wouldnt be allowed to serve contractually) he would very quickly be able to hit huge serves. Pitchers have it all - the height, the flexibility, the kinetic chain. The major difference is a tennis serve is an upward throw - more like throwing the ball well into the air - instead of regular pitch.
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