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Originally Posted by sstchur View Post
Oh, good to find another person who has been using this. Can you let us know your setup? Strings/tension? Any lead? Where have you places it? What is your total racquet weight after customization?

What type of game do you play? Have you ever had any arm discomfort with this frame?
Well I used to play with the dunlop Mcenroe and when it became discontinued I wanted a racquet that was similar.

Im not a big tech person so I dont know exactly where to describe where the lead is......its not the tip but I would say it starts at the 10:00 & 2:00 positions.

It plays like the Mcenroe just swings faster......but I just switched racquets after playing with the 320 for years......

The Gamma played like the Mcenroe just faster and better.....well the Donnay plays like the Gamma just faster and better.

The Gamma was thinner than the Mcenrroe but the Donnay is thinner than all racquets at 15 mm!!! Its the same weight as the gamma & mcenroe but swings faster than both!!!!

So now I have a new problem....I bought like three of the white Donnays and guess what??? They just came out with a new freaking line of racquets!!!! Its literally been only a few weeks!!! I am so freaking ****ed.....but thats it...Im done!!!!! Im not switching and playetesting again!

(my gamma set up was Gamma Zo True 18 guage.....most incredible string i ever played with but now discontinued.....switched to plain babolat hurricane 18 guage in white).
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