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Every morning, it feels fine and there is no swelling.
Every PM, especially after heavy work, tennis, or windsurfing, the swelling frontside of ankle, just below inside of ankle bone comes back to haunt me.
ASO brace works fine for 2 doubles sets, then the swelling comes and it's just not kosher.
With almost 2.5 years of compensating, I've developed a left knee medial pain, a right hip dislocation at times (just about pops out, right on the verge, then with sitting down and pushing correctly, it slowly pops back in)...
It's OK, I enjoy doubles up to maybe 4.5 levels, can windsurf with the conservative best (meaning I don't do double front flips), and this year, first day in 5 years, got well over the sides of BorealRidge's halfpipe for single 180 spins both directions off both walls. Hiking the pipe was really cool, as the kids just marvel at the "old dude" with long hair.
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