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I'm not really old, as some of you have alluded to, I"m just too often injured, so the pain from those injuries catch up to me on certain days.
I've accrued 3 lower leg breaks, 2 requiring full operations, pins, plates, screws, and wires.
4 clavical breaks.
WAY more than 10 ribs broken
Couple shoulder separates and dislocates, tough to heal and serve a tennis ball.
6 outside fingers have been broken, 3 have pins in them.
I mentioned I can't come close to brushing my teeth or shaving with my left hand, and I'm lefty on the tennis court. Try serving with that rotator cuff.
But really, I'm more out of shape than old, or injured. It's hard to get in shape when the legs don't work right, the right hip likes to pop out of socket, and the left KNEE medial swells up from all the gimping I do.
Heck, after 1/2 hour of windsurfing, I can't walk up to my car, without a good 5 minute stretch and rest.
What about cavities? How are your teeth holding up?
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