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Originally Posted by crazyups View Post
I've also been using the 320x about 2 years and it's happening. I'm about 4.0. I have lead at 3 and 9, using poly and overgrip. Weight is 12 ounces and 7 points head light. This stick feels more like 96 or 97 headsize which I like. I was also using the maxply mcenroe. This is better. Sweetspot is a bit high so if I get careless it goes in the net but I agree that this racquet is one of the best kept secrets.
Hey crazyups, thanks for the info.

Did you counter balance in the handle to keep it 7pts head light? If I am not mistaken, it is 7pt HL stock, right? So if you add lead to 3 and 9, was it only about 6g or so (roughly what an overgrip weights, so that, I suppose, could be the counter balance).

It's too bad more people don't give Gamma frames a try. They don't have a big name in racquets, but they make good quality, no-nonsense, no-gimmicks, pure-graphite sticks.
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