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I have been playing tennis since I was 8 years old, or nineteen and a half years. I read a lot of the threads here and the reason I did it is that I also have encountered differences in the racquets of the past and the ones they started producing during the early nineties. I used to play with Dunlop MAX 200G and I loved it from the first time I hit a ball with it! I am talking about the racquet that was used by world's former #1 John McEnroe and world's former #1 Steffi Graf. To the best of my knowledge, this racquet is the one that has won more grand slam titles than any other racquet to this day. I am not 100% sure about that so do not get fired up about it... But anyway, I personally think that this is the best tennis racquet ever made and I have hard time understanding why Dunlop stop manufacturing it. I asked an executive of Dunlop in Greenville, South Carolina and his answer was that the technology they used to make this racquet was very expensive. I personally do not believe that statement. They use so much for research and developement for new models and all the new technologies that they use, but yet they cannot afford to produce such a great and proven tennis racquet? I do not think so. As a matter of fact, I read an article where John McEnroe himself said that Dunlop MAX 200G was an amazing racquet. I never heard or read about his saying that about any other racquet. Actually, the tennis coach at the university where I took my bachelor degree told me that one day in the past, before McEnroe was using the MAX 200G, he practiced with his brother who was beating him badly... Than John decided to try his brother's racquet and never put it down since!!! Anyway, I started telling this story, because I wanted to share my experience with you. I happend to accomplish a lot during the years when I was using the Dunlop MAX 200G in my country of origin which is Bulgaria, Europe. For example, I became a national champion for my age group and at the age of 15 I reached the quarters for men, defeating ATP players. All that until I broke two of my racquets and I had to look for more. I then, realized that the Dunlop MAX 200G was discontinued and I had to switch my tennis racquet. I was given the opportunity to get a contract with Head due to my good results as a junior. I took the Head Prestige Classic and tested it. The first time I hit the ball it went straight to the curtain in the tennis hall where we practiced that day. I hit the ball exactly the same way I was hitting with my MAX 200G, but I had no touch whatsoever with the new racquet. The string tension was right, but it just felt completely different. Since that day I am in search for the racquet that will give me feeling and performance at least close to the one I got from the Dunlop MAX 200G, but it seems like something is going on in the world of tennis racquet manufacturers and they no longer produce true players racquets or I suddenly lost my abilities to play good tennis that day, 12 years ago... The difference is so big that since then I have lost against players whom I used to beat with ease and never lose a set against. I just can't get that feeling, control, and comfort that Dunlop MAX 200G gave me. The only racquet that came close to that was a racquet that was bought from a Yugoslavian ex-tennis pro and was made especially for him and was some version of the Puma that Boris Becker used. That racquet had that soft feeling and control that I was used to getting from the MAX 200G or at least close to it. I had played with many of the big brand's tennis racquets of the modern era (after 1990), for example Volkl C7 (had a contract with Volkl), Fischer Vacuum Michael Shtich, Dunlop Revelation 200G, Dunlop Muscle Weave 200G, Wilson Hyper Carbon, Head Radical (Red and silver), Wilson Hammer, Volkl C10, and others, but none of them came even close to the feeling and performance the MAX 200G provided me with. Now I am using the Dunlop M-FIL 200 which in some way reminds me of the MAX 200G, but it is still not as good. I guess that the improvement of the new model is due to the recent help that the company got from John McEnroe in designing their racquets. I also remember that before the MAX 200G I used to play with an aluminum Head with a long body and small round head which was not bad at all. I cannot claim if it was an amazing racquet though, because I was too young and had not achieved anything significant with it at the time, except for being one of the top ranked kids in my country for my age group. I personally think that I have lost a lot of joy and victories due to my switching to a different racquet and my disability to find one that had the features of the old professional tennis racquets from the eighties. I am talking about weight, frame stifness, ballance. This has being bothering me since then and I just can't stand it sometimes. I played for a German tennis club for two years and for an Austrian tennis club for two more years. While I was playing in Germany, I bought two of the Dunlop MAX 200G racquets which I keep to this day. I still hit with them every now and then and they prove to be better than anything else, every time I try them. To me, Dunlop MAX 200G was revolutionary for the time when it was invented and that is why it was inducted into the museum of technological innovations. The truth is, I do not care about the material of the racquet or any other feature, I just want to get the feeling and response from it like I did with the MAX 200G and some other older and heavier racquets to a certain extent. Obviously, I want too much... None of the tennis racquet manufacturers is able to produce that successful combination anymore and sell it to the public. To me, they should be ashamed of this fact! I personally think that my tennis life was ruined because of that. Well, who am I and who cares about me and others like, right...?Cheers! If anyone knows of a solution to my problem, my e-mail address is
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