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Illini Sky, I think you are overreacting about the loss to Indiana. Based on what I have been told by some people who were at the match, Indiana just played a little bit better. Also, without KU in the line-up their lack of depth at the lower positions becomes a problem. I also think Indiana is an improving program. I actually thought they would be better last year. I think they also beat Michigan this year and i think you would agree that Bruce has done a great job at Michigan.

Hey as former Illini, I would love them to win the Big Ten every year but that isn't going to happen. Also, I think you are selling short what Tucker has done at tOSU. I don't know how old you are but when I was Illinois we finished in the bottom three of the Big Ten every year.

Brad does have some good recruits for the next two years so I think they will continue to be strong.
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