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Originally Posted by El Diablo View Post
Connors, for two reasons. !) kept competing out of love for the game, even when he really had no real chance to win the big one, thrilling us until he was nearly 40. Sampras, in this regard, left me cold. His need to go out on top only means he had love for himself, not for the game. 2) Connors never went through the narcissistic fanfare of announcing retirement, just gradually played less and less until he didn't play at all.
Nonsensical. Sampras retiring in that way "only means he had love for himself, not for the game." Hopefully I don't need to expand on the innumerable problems with that statement.


Jimmy didnt' announce retirement for 2 reasons:
1.didn't want to admit it was over
2.kept hedging his options on another comeback
3.he was no longer physically able to play out a full season

The only reason #2 didn't happen is he found a way to get more attention, and be the #1 again on his seniors tour. EVEN THEN, he kept suggesting an ATP comeback might happen.

Jimmy most definitely DOES NOT LOVE the game.

Jimmy loves JIMMY. Jimmy loves WINNING. Jimmy loves money. I don't recall Jimmy ever sacrificing anything to help the game...I do recall numerous times over his career, an unwillingness to help the game when he could have! (maybe someone else can remember Jimmy altruisim and sacrifice to the game??)

Having said that, Jimmy did help the game immensely....possibly more than any other's just it was an unintentional byproduct of helping Jimmy...
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