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Originally Posted by obsessedtennisfandisorder View Post
LOL..if anything the reverse. Connors kept playing because he loved the $$$ and milked whatever he could out of the fans and the game for this.
not only that he had no respect for the game or himself playing someone who
is nowhere near as good a player as he is...then "goes through the motions"

now how "going through the motions" translates to respect for the game i don't know.
by contrast...borg and especially sampras knew their ending as good players was near and thus didn't BS fans in paying money for seeing "a great player" when in reality it was crap play from a washed up player due to age.

then Connors has the nerve to say he was one of the most competitive

just LOL
borg really ?

ending was near with a FO win and finals at USO and wimby in 81 ? really ??????

He was just mentally burnt out , that's it ....
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