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Originally Posted by IlliniSky View Post
To Brad Dancer:

Congratulations. You have managed to take one of the top-rated tennis programs in the country and destroyed it. When you took the program over from Craig Tiley, the Illini had won 9 consecutive Big Ten Championships, a national title in 2003, 2 ITA Indoor titles, a NCAA-record 64 consecutive wins, and 5 Conference Championships.

Since you have taken over, Illinois has done absolutely nothing. tOSU has completely taken over and trounce us 7-0 yearly. We didn't even make it to the Sweet Sixteen last year. Your recruiting skills have been non-exsistant and we are reduced to wondering who will be on our roster in January. You've struggled to put a team together cosistently.

And today you finally reached bottom. You took a superior Illini team to the sinkhole that is indiana and lost to the loosiers. The Indiana Hoosiers. Are you kidding me? We have not lost to them in 14 years. We had beat them 18 consecutive times. That team has one player ranked at No. 109 on their roster. And your coaching skills couldn't come up with a plan to even beat them.

You may be a good human being but you fail as a tennis coach. You have absolutely zero recruiting skills and you just let our team suffer the worst indignity that is possible. From here on out, I want you gone. I will hope against hope that Illinois will send you off to Winthrop or somewhere. You need to go. You do not belong in a major conference position.

Congratulations. You were handed the keys to a castle and turned it into dump in six short years.

Good post. College tennis needs more of this attitude. Too much feel good stuff in college tennis.
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