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Bought one 4D 200 Tour recently, very solid racket, much better than the old M-Fil 200 especially at volleys.

Not sure about what the strung balance is for the racket. The print on the racket says 320mm, the information on the attached card is 330mm, without specifying whether strung or unstrung.

Anyone has the answer?

Have been trying some customization on my 4D 200 Tour but so far haven't get the balance 100% right. Currently, it is leaded to 363g with the balance at about 326mm. Tried 320mm, it was definitely too head light, but haven't tested the 330mm setting.

The specification given by TW is 327mm (5pts HL), which is about right.

Checked the new Bio 200 Tour, it clearly says that the strung balance is 320mm.
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