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Default The GOAT bracket (60/70's - part 2) - the definitive pro popularity contest

Borg vs Panatta 26-1
Vilas vs Gerulaitis 20-5
Connors vs Smith 24-3
Kodes vs Tanner 8-16

OK so basicly I am gonna have 8 threads each with multiple choice polls where you will vote for 4 of the 8 poll choices.

You are voting on who would win a match between player1 and 2, 3 and 4, 5 and 6 , and 7 and 8 in their prime or just upon who your favourite player in the match up is

After a week of voting the poll will be shut and the winners will prodceed and so on untill we have a winner in 6 weeks time!

Please do not vote for 2 players in the same match up as voting will be public and both your votes discarded!

Match-ups (in draw format)

Borg vs Panatta
Vilas vs Gerulaitis
Connors vs Smith
Kodes vs Tanner

Other threads

00’s part 1:
00’s part 2:
90’s part 1:
90’s part 2:
80’s part 1:
80’s part 2:
60/70’s part 1:
60/70’s part 2:

any questions ask
'Djoker who pummeled Nadal's BH and forced many unforced errors' OddJack
He is that good he can force unforced mistakes?! This guy has to be GOAT

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