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Played with the 320X again tonight. I also had a demo of the Prince Exo3 Tour which I compared it too.

I liked the Gamma better this outing, but that may be in part b/c the grip size on the Prince was too small for me and it bothered me. Also the Prince was strung with some poly, and I hate polys.

The Gamma still impresses me in a lot of ways. I wish I had I still had a T-7 to compare the 320X to. I keep remembering a certain feel that the T-7 had, but maybe I'm remembering something that never was (that happens sometimes) :-/

I'm tempted to pick up a T-7 again just so I can compare it to the 320X.

Every time I do a racquet search with the TW racquet finder, the T-7 keeps coming up again and again and again based on my search criteria:

Max head size: 100
Max stiffness: 60
Max beam width: 20

In reality, I think I would like less stiffness than 60, but I usually put that in just to get a few more results returned.

I would actually like something a touch thinner than 20 as well, but again, not much comes up if I go below 20.

I'm cheap too and don't want to take out a small loan to buy a new racquet.

I nearly bought a couple of the TW Donnay Pro One Int'ls a year ago when TW still had them. I demo'd it and really really like it. Had an awesome thud/thwack feel on every hit. But I didn't buy any b/c I heard the grommets on these were notorious for breaking and that TW was going to be discontinuing them soon.

I think I'm too cheap for the new Donnays.

Maybe I will put some lead at 3 and 9 on the Gamma and see if I get more "thud" out of it. I need more thud. MORE THUD!
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