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Signum Pro Hyperion 1.24 / PerforMAXX WhisperTouch Pro

Stringing: Stringing this in the mains really reminded me of Tornado. In the hand it has nearly exactly the same feel: incredibly supple and absolutely ZERO kinking or coil memory. Doesn't get clamp marks unlike Tornado (which I'm assuming is simply a function of it not being shaped), and was by far the softest feeling string I've strung to date. I'd have to string up some Scorpion again to see if they're similar in stringing feel, but since I haven't strung any Scorpion in a while, this just feel soft without having even hit with it. No problems whatsoever. Strung 53/55, 10% machine prestretch on gut.

Groundstrokes: This is a curious string, to be frank. I've heard all of these reports of Hyperion being like a down blanket, and honestly, I didn't get that at all. It's a very comfortable string to hit with, there is no denying that, but it's not even as soft as Scorpion. As far as comfort is concerned, I really was expecting better (especially considering I crossed it with natural gut...). Aside from that, this just feels like a generic poly to me. It's not too powerful, it doesn't produce above average spin and has about average control. Off the forehand, this just didn't wow me in any way. There wasn't insane angle potential like there is with other spin strings, and on the backhand, I couldn't rip a shot DTL like someone stole my wallet. Frankly, it's just average. Overall: 7/10

Serves: More of the same, I'm afraid. There is nothing special here. Honestly, I'd like to go into detail about this, but Hyperion just feels like an all around good poly string. Overall: 8/10

Volleys: At this point I'm really struggling to find anything spectacular to write about Hyperion and the volleys aren't going to be the category to do it. It just feels like a poly string with good feel added by the gut. Seriously, this is just average across the board. Overall: 7/10

Durability: This is any Signum Pro string's party piece: tension stability. Seeing as it hasn't yet been the normal 852 years that it takes for a Signum Pro string to start to lose tension, I can't say that it's going to be anything but perfect. It did shred the gut the most of any strings tested in this round. However, it was the only string crossed with uncoated gut, so I'll attribute it to that. Overall: 10/10

I can't honestly call this string a let down. I don't have arm problems, I don't need a string to generate power for me, I've stopped looking for the ultimate spin monster and I don't need a string to help out any particular part of my game whether it be to complement it or supplement it. For me, Hyperion is simply just a good poly string. Nothing bad about it in the slightest, but not spectacular. Would I recommend it? Sure, only on the basis that I use a 90sq in frame and don't require a super soft string since my arm is healthy. Maybe someone who has arm problems and uses a larger racquet or one with a closed string pattern. Maybe it's better as a cross poly. Who knows? I certainly don't and moreover have no qualms about admitting it

Followup: As mentioned previously, there was a letdown out of the four. This is it. The poly doesn't feel dead at all, it's still got its tension like all Signum Pro strings. However, this is playing like absolute wood. I mean, I kept looking down at my racquet thinking that I'd somehow mis-strung it or the strings were glued together. It's creating plenty of spin as the crosses are getting absolutely shredded, but it doesn't matter. There isn't any feel, and what power there is seems as though you have to work so hard for it. This does NOT feel soft like I was expecting it to. Unfortunately, I cut out my Hyperion full bed already, but quite frankly, a natural gut hybrid should play softer than a fullbed of the same poly. Never before have I had this experience. I'll have to try this again later because I simply cannot believe that this string is so awful as its life goes on.

Updated Overall: 7/10
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