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Originally Posted by sstchur View Post
Played with the 320X again tonight. I also had a demo of the Prince Exo3 Tour which I compared it too.

I liked the Gamma better this outing, but that may be in part b/c the grip size on the Prince was too small for me and it bothered me. Also the Prince was strung with some poly, and I hate polys.

The Gamma still impresses me in a lot of ways. I wish I had I still had a T-7 to compare the 320X to. I keep remembering a certain feel that the T-7 had, but maybe I'm remembering something that never was (that happens sometimes) :-/

I'm tempted to pick up a T-7 again just so I can compare it to the 320X.

Every time I do a racquet search with the TW racquet finder, the T-7 keeps coming up again and again and again based on my search criteria:

Max head size: 100
Max stiffness: 60
Max beam width: 20

In reality, I think I would like less stiffness than 60, but I usually put that in just to get a few more results returned.

I would actually like something a touch thinner than 20 as well, but again, not much comes up if I go below 20.

I'm cheap too and don't want to take out a small loan to buy a new racquet.

I nearly bought a couple of the TW Donnay Pro One Int'ls a year ago when TW still had them. I demo'd it and really really like it. Had an awesome thud/thwack feel on every hit. But I didn't buy any b/c I heard the grommets on these were notorious for breaking and that TW was going to be discontinuing them soon.

I think I'm too cheap for the new Donnays.

Maybe I will put some lead at 3 and 9 on the Gamma and see if I get more "thud" out of it. I need more thud. MORE THUD!
You might want to try dunlop bio 200 lite. TW says 21 mm beam but most sources say 20 mm including dunlop. I've been looking at what people say about the lite and may test it.
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