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Originally Posted by Eightmarky View Post
My breadth of knowledge on racquets doesn't go beyond more than what I've played with or tested. Is the excitement over these finds more sentimental or because there is real antique value?
It's a very good point. It's actually both most of the time. When I see something like a mint first edition Max 200G with a spotless cover, my heart starts pounding. It's a great experience. It's almost like finding a clean 1969 Mustang sitting on somebody's farm for a $1,000. It happens but so rarely.

Yesterday, I stoped by a local Goodwill during lunch and saw something interesting, a beautifully made clean Garcia Graphite woodie with a French aluminum head press and cover. I wish I knew anything about this frame.

Should I had spent $6.99 for it? I decided to leave to other collectors.
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