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I have a few that I like:

Kirshbaum Spiky Shark 1.30 at 55/55

Alien Poly at 55/55

And its been a while, but I remember the demo I used before purchase was strung with Beast at an unknown tension, and I liked it. But seriously, try Kirshbaum.


I tried Beast again and I love it. It is has more power than the Spiky Shark, yet it seems to have almost the same amount of control. It is quite lively, and I feel it will be better for defense than the Spkiy Shark was. Also, the Serve has a LOT more juice, it seems. I am switcing to that because Prince products are easier to obtain than Kirshbaum, and I have a sponsored friend who I hope can get me deals on reels.
EXO3 Tour 16X18 -- Beast 16 at 59/57
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