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Originally Posted by dozu View Post
now we are talking.

I don't play tournaments, and 70% of the time I spend on the court, I don't play sets either, just casual hitting or playing points... that is really not much different from what sennoc tries to do.

sennoc, if you didn't call everybody an idiot, maybe people could have been more open minded, and grasp what you were trying to get across.
I play at least one competitive match a week of singles. and usually one match of doubles for fun. I enjoy the competition. I win 8 out of 10 matches. against good players. I have become very crafty. I will do whatever I can to take the opponent out of his rythm. I see it like a chess or strategy against good players. Against lower level guys I just blast them and overpower them. I am playing on a usta team this season for the first time. the club the team is based out of gave me a free membership to play on their team. (free indoor tennis baby!) So I will have 1 usta match and 1 singles league match a week for the next few months. I enjoy playing any level of opponent. I don't like just hitting. I do like practicing though with a goal.

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