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Originally Posted by dozu View Post
The more I think about this, the more I feel sennoc is onto something here.

Say your goal is to play high level tennis, do you have to learn how to handle junk balls from rec players?

conventional wisdom says you should, because winning is winning, and if the junk baller beats you, he is the better player.

But from a long term standpoint, there are no rec type junk balls in high level tennis, so why should you bother to learn how to handle them.

I think people do need to open their mind a little.

arche3, you may beat sennoc 0 and 0, but that doesn't mean you can do better than him in high level tennis, say hitting against a 5.5-6.0 type.
higher level players do not use junk against each other because it does not work. Junk does not work against me and I am not a 6.0. If I can beat a player using lazy topspin shots I will use it to conserve energy. If I cant then I need to go more aggressive and expend more energy.

So yes I think competitive players need to learn to play every type of player. Or else open tourneys will be won by 3.0's testing the waters of open tourneys. WWF tennis is not the same.

If I can beat player B 0,0 I will do better against a much higher level player C than player B. Because it means my strokes are better and more consistent than player B.

All this assuming winning is the goal. If there is no reason to win then it does not matter. hit with whomever and however. But if you want to win against higher level players you need to develope as full a game as you can.

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