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Hi Sennoc,

Ive just casually read this thread recently. I know you have been arguing with some for a while, but hopefully you wont mind my honest question. I just find it interesting that you say your volleys are better technically than Nadal. I was hoping to know exactly what you mean by this, for clarification.

When you say this, do you mean that if you and Nadal had a volley target competition, you would be more accurate? Or if you and Nadal took turns and played volley against groundstroke against the same opponent, you would perform better than Nadal and win more points at the net? Or do you feel that your volleys just look better subjectively? Any one of these things or all of them?

If you believe your volleys are better looking than Nadal's, how do you arrive at that conclusion? That seems to be a rather subjective conclusion which probably would be different from coach to coach. Or have you discovered something in physics and biomechanically as fact that Nadal is not following? How did you do this, and are sure you are correct? Finally, what specifically in Nadal's volley is not as technically proficient as your volley?

Thanks for the time. I think the answers to these questions may help clarify yourself and people on here may better understand you.
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