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And Sennoc, I really would like an explanation of your forehand mechanics.
It's too complicated to write about all aspects here, in a foreign language and under pressure of time. Give me some months.

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I do seek tennis technique knowledge so I would appreciate it if you would explain the way you arrived at your forehand stroke.
In a very unusual way. I wanted to find real physical and biomechanical principles of tennis. I read all scientific tennis literature and in my opinion explanations were not good. I started my own work.

First, I built a theoretical, physical model. Then I tried to adapt it and check it on the court. Then I compared the results with the technique of pro players (my library has more than 120 DVDs with many replays of pro strokes). They I built next model and so on. This is not the end of the story, but I can't say more at the moment.

As a result, there are no teaching artifacts in my strokes. That's why they look a bit different than those you see at pro strokes.
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