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Originally Posted by Ash_Smith View Post
Look again and study the height of the contact points of those volleys. Believe me, Luis and Emilio have studied thousands of Pro volleys (and they've actually taught Pro players too). I have studied and taught also, you need to put what you think you see in conxtext of the situation. For mid-high volleys the lead foot should be in the air a little - there's no surprise there, that's what I said (hit during the step). Look for low volleys and you'll also see what I stated and the same for high volleys. Players who hit mid-high volleys and have completed their step before the hit have a higher chance of arming tha ball and/or missing the volley. Maybe this is what you saw in the video's you have watched.

Surprise, no?

If you want to volley technically perfectly (which is your goal apparently) then you'll heed the advice of 2 of the worlds greatest coaches (and me) and add it into your game. Or you could not, up to you!

Arche3 and Hewex - no worries, glad to help.


thanks for the good explanation Ash.... I think it has to do with the fact that the volley is a high to low stroke, and therefore high volleys happen relatively early in the motion, where the front foot has not planted yet, while low volleys happen relatively late in the motion (contact point more forward), and quite often the foot has planted.

[wanted to throw another punch at sennoc here, but at this point it almost feel like not worth the effort now, because the guy is not even on the level playing field.... his first round losses are proof that all his 'knowledge' is hog wash lol..... oops, I still threw the punch]
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