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Balla, and ASH. I have seen some of the links you posted in the past about the spanish method. hand feeding, etc... If you guys do find out where those dvd's can be purchased please let the rest of us know. I am very interested in those methods.

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it is rather funny.

Remember the thread I made about Spanish Training Methods, where I posted exerts from Luis Mediero's DVD (which got later taken down from Youtube ) you commented in the thread a few times, anyways that DVD alone opened my eyes and still gives me goosebumps everytime I watch it cause he's so right and its so simple, explaining the 4 key elements to train (rhythm, movement, technique, recover). It fit in perfectly with my own philosophies. The man is an inspiration and you can see and hear in his voice the passion he has towards the sport. Speaking on DVD's, do you have or know of any others I can buy from RPT or of Luis? Would really love to get my hands on more stuff. I'm coaching in Europe now, so shipping should be easier.
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