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At the end of the day regardless of what is going on, sennoc just said he has more knowledge, at least about volleys, than professional coaches.. and by professional I mean actually produced pros. I'm actually really surprised. God, just imagine if he were a cook and were on Kitchen Nightmares.. the laughs the world could have had.

as for Sennoc; the real issue is that you aren't respecting people. You may feel as though "why should I? I'm the one being attacked", but that's precisely why you need to be the one respectful and make THEM look like nothing more than trolls/children. If a child were to kick you in the leg in public, would you start screaming at them? Of course not, you'd perhaps scold and sternly tell them not to do that, but you'd never hit them back or scream. Why? Because you are an adult and know better than them. You've said you know better than the rest, and certainly treat them like children, yet you get involved in the same actions (such as kicking) as the "children" do.

Now, as for your arrogance, it really is arrogance. To say anything at all that you've done is a "fact" based on your own "research", regardless of what you have backing it up, is arrogance. If I had said elephants could fly and gave you all sorts of reasons to back my claim, and called anyone who disagreed and idiot because of my "Reasons", I'd look nothing than a raving fool. If I then went on to say that "I will not discuss anymore because you don't know anything about elephants", then I'd look like an ***. If I then continued on to say "I know more about elephants than a man who's studied elephants his entire adult life, so I don't even need to talk about him either," then I am nothing more than an arrogant d-bag.

I'm NOT trying to say you're wrong here, in fact I agree with a lot of things you've said. I'm trying to say, keep an open mind, will you? You say your volley is superior to Nadal's because of one shot, in one situation, in one aspect. That makes your shot BETTER? Are you honestly claiming you've NEVER made a mistake in your life? Are you saying you've NEVER done what he's done? Look, if we're talking about doing one particular thing in one particular situation, then I'm sure everyone could claim that they're better than a certain pro at SOMETHING (hell, there are times when Federer can't cope with shots on his backhand, no?), but the fact of the matter is, it doesn't matter. The VALUE of a shot is not in its biomechanics, it's the entire package. Take a look at the entire package, not just one aspect (afterall you yourself admitted the reason Nadal was able to hit that "technically incorrect" BH volley was due to his amazing feel). It's like if you were to compare gifts, and all you looked at was the wrapping paper and claim that's better. Or the box size, or how you handed it to them, or your face when you watched them open it. You could have a giant box with fantastic paper and all, but have an empty box of cigarettes in it. On the other hand, you could have a tiny little box, with a ring. Which would you have? Biomechanics are naught but a TOOL to hit a better SHOT in order to produce a POINT. I'm not even going to bother saying if your biomechanics are better or NOT, but what I WILL say is EVEN IF THEY WERE, IT DOESN'T MEAN JACK SHI.T. I won't even get into your goddamned notion of "real tennis", probably the most arrogant of all (completely and utterly disrespectful).

Imagine if someone had said to you "I am a better player than you because my ball bouncing before the serve is better than yours," what would you say? Probably the Polish equivalent of "WTF?" Your example is not so extreme, but the point I am making is the part-to-a-whole scenario. Since you're into science, what you've essentially said is: A (aspect of your volley technique) > B (aspect of Nadal's volleying technique) therefore (A + X) > (B + Y). You CANNOT make that statement without identifying X and Y (the REST of the stuff). YOU CANNOT.

Look, man, I'm not trying to tear you down. I honestly think you have a wealth of knowledge available, like alot of others. I just wish you would use it for something more productive on these boards. I know you've been attacked here, but you have to understand why. Nobody was originally out to get you, and you could have dealt with the situation much better. I just hope going forward that we can have more civil talks on the forum and actually keep it oriented to what this thread was about. Good day and best of luck with your tennis.


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