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Those 4 areas are targeted, you can make your own plan as a coach as to how you want to go about teaching them. If you go on the website us pro tennis shop dot com and click on DVD Library and Player Development you can buy the video I was talking about, its called Spanish Model For Developing Players. Its an on court seminar Luis Mediero did back in 2003 but still very well valid today though I'm also looking for some update work from RPT as well.

Ash_Smith, if you could send me an email whenever you get those DVD's finished or have some older ones I can buy that would be great. martin.oncourt at I'd really appreciate it.
I'm in Prague, I just got here last week. I was born here in Czech Rep. originally but we left (escaped) back in '87 and came to Canada in '88. 23 years have been there and grew up there, kinda of a change for me but I love it here. I can speak the language no problem, lots of foreigners here as well and people looking for lessons. Gonna be a grind as I will be doing it as my own business for a while but will see how it goes. Going to enjoy the challenge People like the different coaching approach here as I try to use as much as I learned during my course at A S-C Barcelona with my own way as well. 90% of the coaches teach whats being taught by the national tennis association here so I'm trying to be different and separate myself from the rest, offer an alternative. Its good stuff as well what they coach here, there are some great coaches but I find theres a large gap right in the middle which I hope to fill.
Throughout your life advance daily, becoming more skillful than yesterday, more skillful than today. This is never-ending. - Hagakure
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