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Originally Posted by HunterST View Post
So do you think those 4 areas are improved from playing and hitting often, or are specific drills/exercises targeted at each element needed? Obviously movement would require outside fitness work, but what about the other three?
The answer is both! Each element needs to have the associated technique ingrained (myelinated) by use of specific drills and practices, which in turn need to be practiced and 'played' to better understand their use on court.

There is a lot of double rhythm movement and feeding used to train the movement related elements and a lot of technical repetition to train the actual shot technique. This constant repetition of racquet head technique builds "muscle memory" (myelination) and therefore each repetion must be technically correct so a great deal of effort and focus/concentration is required.

That's why Spanish tennis is generally associated with repetition, repetition, repetition! They figured out "muscle memory" long ago!


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