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Like I said, take it or leave it. It's up to you.
I leave it, it's too complicated

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I have, I stand by my statement. Have you ever tried to hit a low volley, under control whilst having your front (lead) foot in the air? That's a video I'd love to see.
I have never said that every volley is hit in the air. We were talking about volleys in motion. Then I said that the main rule is stable, fluid motion of COM and that if you run you achieve this goal by hitting in the air. But if can't do that, my rule is still valid: you have to do everything to make your COM steady. That's why your foot should land on the ground before contact. Before. Never AT the contact - this is a fundamental error and I can scientifically prove it. Theoretically and by analysis of strokes of the best players.

I too cannot wait to hear the principals behind your forehand and how you arrived at the theory that a straight takeback (whch increases inertia) is better biomechanically than a takeback incporporating angular momentum (elbow lead or loop style).
Straight takeback doesn't increase inertia. Inertia is always the same, the mass doesn't change during the stroke. You do not understand physics, sorry.

I don't want to talk more about my forehands now. In the future - why not.

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