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Hi TennisMaverick:

I see that the swingweight and some of the early feedback indicate that the Melbourne is easier to get around than the Becker 11 MP. This was my one issue with the Becker 11; I loved it for its plow through, control, and spin capability, but just found that for those Sampras runners into the corners and into hour two or three of heavy hitting, I could be a smidge late with my swing when pressed.

So could you please let us know: Is the Melbourne significantly easier to get around than the Becker 11?

Thanks very much for sharing your experiences with these sticks - so helpful.

The Melbourne is a little smoother thru the air than the BB 11 MP; it spins in your hand with more balance; and it cups the ball far better. It has more control, but less pop with much more spin potential.

The Melbourne also plays well stock with just a vibration dampener--it has more plow through and doesn't buzz after contact. You can also try 1 gram of lead tape on the bridge@6:00 with an Agassi dampener, which I feel balances the frame better(1.5 grams vs 3.3 grams with the stock orange BB dampener).

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