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Originally Posted by gunnd5000 View Post
haters gonna hate and despite you keep telling me you are not going to participate you keep voting?

deal with it lifes not fair, wonder what happens when you get an unfair draw in an actual tournament? :P
The thing is you are completely clueless how to make correct and fair seeding and made these poll that make no sense whatsoever and will show nothing. It is not about fair or not it is about doing the right thing. And you are doing totally wrong thing here as I proved in the round 1 poll thread exposing it with facts and arguments. Still you kept these ridiculous false seeding just to push couple of your favorite players to the later rounds. Quite comical actually.

Roddick seeded #3 for the 00 decade. . With that you just proved you know nothing about tennis.

If you check I voted for all options in the polls just to sabotage them within my power.

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